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The People Behind Wine Barrel Gardens

Dave produced some wine barrel gardens for some relatives, Steph helped, and because the gardens were such a great success Wine Barrel Gardens was launched online, with the help of The Digital Marketing Agency.

Dave was born with a green thumb, has been gardening most of his life and is now a qualified horticulturist. Dave has managed his own landscaping and garden maintenance business for the past twelve years. Dave enthusiastically completed a TAFE Diploma of Horticulture in 2014.

Steph’s background is within the Conservation and Land Management industry but since having a son (and another bub on the way) has become Director alongside Dave with the company DKG Gardening and Landscaping Services. Steph is currently completing a Certificate IV New Small Business Course.

Both Dave and Steph take great pride and care with each individual garden, giving the plants (and you) the best possible start.

Dave’s sister, Clair and her husband Pete, of The Digital Marketing Agency built the winebarrelgardens.com.au website. TheDMA was created to help people like Dave and Steph build their businesses online through the use of the fantastic range of internet marketing tools that are available.

If you are interested in what TheDMA could do to help you market your business online, please visit TheDMA website.