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Gardening in a small space

We used to love growing our own vegies and herbs, but since moving into an apartment, we really didn’t have any space for a vegie patch.

Our new wine barrel gardens have solved this problem, and we are now harvesting enough salad and herbs for all of our meals! All of the family is involved and it is so rewarding growing our own vegies and herbs, especially because it means the kids actually will eat them!

P.S., Mona Vale

Thank you!

Hi Clair,

My mature olives look great in the half wine barrels! I’m very happy…see attached photo. I am an Interior Designer and often do Exterior Landscape Schemes.

Carmel, VIC

A more manageable garden

Not being as young as I used to be has meant that I no longer garden as often as I would like to, and it definitely rules out kneeling down next to my old garden beds.

My new wine barrel gardens mean that I can still enjoy gardening, but in a smaller and more manageable space, and no more kneeling! Having fresh herbs and vegetables just outside my front door is also great for cooking.

The two barrels look lovely beside my front door; I think the roses really add that extra special touch.

I. G., Ingleside