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About Wine Barrel Gardens

We provide beautiful ‘instant’ gardens in half wine barrels delivered and installed, direct to your door, in the Sydney metropolitan region. Wine Barrel Gardens are both functional and beautiful, and require very little care to maintain.

Our product range includes Prepared Gardens that you can plant yourself and Herb Gardens or Salad Gardens; half wine barrels that are planted with selected herbs or vegetables that our qualified team assemble and install for you on site.

Wine Barrel Gardens also supply Half Wine Barrels for other uses such as landscaping, as an attractive wine/beer bucket cooler for entertaining or as rustic storage for your fire wood.

To prevent the barrels from rotting, we prepare them by painting the inside of the barrel with bitumen paint and drilling drainage holes. We then screw three galvanised caster wheels to the bottom of the barrels to lift them off the ground and enable easy moveability.

Our barrels will weather and go grey over time (depending on exposure to the elements), however this is part of the aging process, and adds to the charm of the Wine Barrel Gardens.

We use premium potting mixture and top each barrel with quality decorative mulch. For all of our herb and salad vegetable gardens we use disease resistant varieties of seedlings that are approximately 6 weeks old.

By growing your own herbs and salad vegetables you will reduce the money that you spend at the green grocer and supermarket. You will also reduce your impact on the environment as your herbs and salad vegetables no longer have to travel thousands of kilometres to reach you. Enjoy the health benefits of growing your own fresh, pesticide free, organic produce.

Our Wine Barrel Gardens are perfect for small spaces, such as apartment balconies and small backyards, and provide an attractive ‘instant’ garden that requires very little maintenance. Wine Barrel Gardens are great for older gardeners, as the height of the barrels means no more gardening at ground level.

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