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Tomatoes in abundance!

It has been a busy summer so far at Wine Barrel Gardens, we have been delivering our unique gardens all over Sydney at a constant pace. Things do tend to slow down a bit once the days get shorter and it gets a little cooler.

We live in an apartment on the Northern Beaches, and no surprise here, we have a couple of wine barrels planted with all sorts of things.

For the first time this summer we tried tomatoes and were pleasantly surprised to see how well they went. Just three little plants bought from the local fruit and veggie shop soon grew into a mass of tangled tomato vines.

After trimming (read hacking!) them back several times to keep them under some kind of control, we still received a great crop of fresh juicy tomatoes.

The photo here is one batch that we picked, probably in total the 3 plants had around 25 – 30 tomatoes. So while we promote our mini gardens for herbs and small salad vegetables, there is no reason why you can’t be a bit more adventurous in such a small space!

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